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Happily Ever After!

Happily, ever after does not necessarily have to be with prince charming or any other prince, being happy is a life style and an attitude towards life.

This time my article is not on any medical issues. I have been through a lot in life so this article is based on my personal experience on how to reach happiness, these are a few points that I think will help anyone struggling to be happy and achieve their goals:

Stay away from Negativity:

I could write a whole article about the effect of positive energy on people. Really, that’s the most important factor in being happy and maintaining inner peace. We all have that friend that every time we meet complains about how unhappy they are and about all the bad things they face in life, please please cut all contact with these friends if you can or just keep every thing to the minimal. Every happy and successful person knows this very well that the key to happiness and success is to get away from negative people, those people bring nothing but misery to the people around them. Right now, my best friend is a happy bubbly person who sees the positive in every negative situation and turn any sadness into happiness. Surround yourself with positive happy people cause yes happiness is contagious.

Dream Big and believe your dreams:

I know this might seem cliché but believe me on this one. This is one of the rules of the universe if you have big dreams, work hard for them to come true and really believe in your heart that they will come true then eventually they will! Plus working hard to achieve your dreams really bring happiness to one’s heart.

Always Help others:

Never have I helped anyone and not felt that sweet feeling inside my heart of getting someone out of trouble. I believe that it’s always a blessing from God to put someone in need in your way for you to help. What goes around comes around, every time I get the chance to help someone I never hesitate, and every time I’m in a difficult situation I always find someone to help me.

Always do what’s right:

This is the most difficult piece of advice I have been given. No matter what you really want to do always remember to do what’s right, cause at the end of the day nothing beats putting your head on the pillow and knowing in your heart that you took the right decisions and did what’s right even though you really wanted to do the opposite.

Do what makes you happy:

There is no frame to happiness. Society has set us this image that you should be married and have kids and that’s the meaning of happiness, but no, you could see a woman who didn’t get married and has a very successful career and is perfectly happy. What makes someone happy does not necessarily make another person happy. So please just sit and think what do you want to do to be happy, do you want to be in a relationship? Do you want to have a good career? Do you want to be a stay at home mom? In the end choose only what makes you happy. This is an example I see every day, we all get involved in relationships that we feel that we are not happy in, but external factors like society or the fear of being alone forces us to continue in these relationships, at this point you have to STOP and take the decision to do what makes us happy no matter what people say.

By Dr.Yasmine Darwish
Master in obstetrics and gynecology Alexandria university
Master in assisted reproduction, Valencia university (IVI) Spain
Member of European society of human reproduction and embryology

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